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Category: Product Pricing and Payment Options

Can I use your program without a Bank Account?

Yes - when you submit your return electronically choose "Mailed Check" rather than "Direct Deposit" so that the IRS can send your refund to you through the postal service. The refund check will be mailed to the address that is listed on your return. If you want to use our Bank Refund Transfer option to pay for the filing of your return, however, you must have a bank account. If you pay for the filing of the return with a credit card then you do not have to have a bank account to receive your refund.


Note: The IRS and state agencies will not deposit your refund into a bank account that is not associated with your name. For example, John does not have a bank account but wants his refund faster than having to wait for a mailed check. John decides to choose Direct Deposit and uses his sister's bank account thinking she can withdraw the money once it's deposited. Since John's name is not listed as being associated with the bank account he provided, his refund will not be deposited into the account and will be issued a mailed check instead.