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Category: Contact Information

State Contact Information

If you have questions about state tax laws or about your state return, you may need to contact your state revenue or taxation agency. If you do need to contact your state, below are links to each state's contact information. Most states provide telephone numbers that you may call to speak with a representative. However, some states only provide contact information through email. If this is the case and you would prefer to speak with an individual, you may want to visit your local office in person.

* ALABAMA: Alabama Department of Revenue

* ARIZONA: Arizona Department of Revenue

* ARKANSAS: Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration

* CALIFORNIA: Franchise Tax Board of the State of California

* COLORADO: Colorado Department of Revenue

* CONNECTICUT: State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services

* DELAWARE: Delaware Department of Finance: Division of Revenue

* DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Washington, D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR)

* GEORGIA: Georgia Department of Revenue

* HAWAII: State of Hawaii Department of Taxation

* IDAHO: Idaho State Tax Commission

* ILLINOIS: Illinois Department of Revenue

* INDIANA: Indiana Department of Revenue

* IOWA: Iowa Department of Revenue

* KANSAS: Kansas Department of Revenue

* KENTUCKY: Kentucky Department of Revenue

* LOUISIANA: Louisiana Department of Revenue

* MAINE: State of Maine Revenue Services: Department of Administrative & Financial Services

* MARYLAND: Comptroller of Maryland

* MASSACHUSETTS: Massachusetts Department of Revenue

* MICHIGAN: Michigan Department of Treasury

* MINNESOTA: Minnesota Department of Revenue

* MISSISSIPPI: Mississippi State Tax Commission

* MISSOURI: Missouri Department of Revenue

* MONTANA: Montana Department of Revenue

* NEBRASKA: Nebraska Department of Revenue

* NEW HAMPSHIRE: New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration

* NEW JERSEY: New Jersey Department of the Treasury: NJ Taxation

* NEW MEXICO: New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department: Revenue Processing Division

* NEW YORK: New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

* NORTH CAROLINA: North Carolina Department of Revenue

* NORTH DAKOTA: North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner

* OHIO: Ohio Department of Taxation

* OKLAHOMA: Oklahoma Tax Commission

* OREGON: Oregon Department of Revenue

* PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

* RHODE ISLAND: State of Rhode Island Department of Revenue: Division of Taxation

* SOUTH CAROLINA: South Carolina Department of Revenue

* UTAH: Utah State Tax Commission

* VERMONT: Vermont Department of Taxes

* VIRGINIA: Virginia Department of Taxation

* WEST VIRGINIA: West Virginia State Tax Department

* WISCONSIN: Wisconsin Department of Revenue