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Category: Extensions

Form 4868 - Application for Federal Extension

Extensions may be filed electronically through TaxSlayer. There is NO CHARGE for this service.


When you choose to file an extension, whichever TaxSlayer account is used to file the extension is the account that must also be used to file your return once it is ready for submission. You will not be able to switch accounts, reset your account, or file through a separate account once you have filed anything (extension or return) through an account for a particular Social Security Number.


To begin filing your extension as a returning user, go to, login to your account and select Begin Return/Continue from the Welcome Back/My Account screen. Next, select Federal Section from the navigation bar followed by Miscellaneous Forms (sub-navigation bar) >> Application for Extension from the list of miscellaneous forms.  Instructions will then be available to help you fill out and file your extension.


At this time we do not offer state extension forms. If you need to file an extension with a state, please contact the state agency directly for more information on how to do so. If you need assistance in finding the appropriate contact for your state agency information please Click here.