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Category: W2's

My W-2 has more than 4 states listed

When your W-2 has more than 4 states listed, you must create another instance of your W-2 form. To do this you will reduce the amount shown on your first W-2 entry by $1 and create a 2nd W-2 with $1 in box 1. You will need to complete the same employer information as you did on the first W-2 entry. Then you can skip down to the bottom of the entry page and enter your additional states listed. If additional instances are required, you will repeat the same process by reducing the first W-2 by an additional $1 and completing the additional W-2 much like the 2nd instance.


IMPORTANT: Do not re-enter the information reported in boxes 2-14 on any additional instance of your W-2.




STEP 1: Create your W-2 with the information as it is reported to you on your W-2 form.

STEP 2: When you get to the fifth state, reduce the amount in Box 1 by $1

STEP 3: Create a 2nd W-2 form with the same employer information and enter $1 in Box 1

STEP 4: Skip down to Box 15 and enter the additional states listed on your W-2 form


If you have more than 8 states listed on your W-2 form you will repeat the process from STEP 1 until all states you have listed are reported.