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Category: IRS Federal Reject Codes

Federal Reject Code F1040-065-01

The IRS is stating that you currently do not have income listed in an area/line of the return that is necessary for them to process the return electronically. Some people are not required to file returns when this occurs, yet choose to file so that they have a filed tax return on record for personal and/or legal reasons.


If you still want/need to file a federal tax return go into the Income section of the program and make a $1 entry in the Interest Income section of the program. To do this go to: Federal Return > Enter Myself > Income > Interest and Dividend Income > Interest or Dividend Income - Begin > Interest Income Form 1099-INT, Continue > enter your name in the Payer's Name box and enter $1 in the Interest Income (Box 1) entry space. This will not affect the outcome of your return but will allow the IRS electronic scanners to 'read' the form and process the return for you. Once you complete these steps simply file the return again through the e-file tab.