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Category: What if I Owe?

How do I print a payment voucher to mail it in?

If you have an amount due and need to mail in your payment, you will need to print your payment voucher for the federal and/or state amount due and mail in your payment with that voucher.

Federal and/or state payment vouchers will print with the full copy of your return forms. The mailing address for your payment should be on the voucher.

To print your return, please sign in to your account and click on the printer icon next to your accepted Federal and/or state return(s). This is found directly on the "Your Account" page as soon as you sign in. The payment vouchers are located at the end of the PDF forms.

If your return has not been accepted yet and you would like to print the payment voucher, you can print the return from within the program. Once you sign in to your account, you will need to select "Summary/Print" from the navigation bar on the right side of the page. You will then select "Print". Next, select "Print your 20XX Tax Return". This will open a new window with a PDF copy of your return. The Federal and State returns will be created as one PDF document through this application. The payment vouchers are located at the end of each return.

If you are having difficulties when viewing/printing your return, please Click here.