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Category: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Military Filing Information

School Code and School District Name: Military personnel should use the school district code for domicile of their spouse (if the spouse lives in Pennsylvania), their parents (if entering the military while they are domiciled in Pennsylvania), or the code for the school district in which they live while on federal active duty while stationed in Pennsylvania (if a PA resident).

Military Pension Benefits are not taxable for PA- PIT Income purposes.

Moving Expenses:
If you are in the military, you do not have to meet the distance test if your move is a permanent change of duty station. If you, your spouse, and dependents are moving to the new duty station from different locations, you may claim all the allowable expenses.

Nontaxable Military Income

This amount represents the difference between the total military income you earned and the amount you report on your PA tax return. Do not include combat zone pay and hazardous duty pay.

PA residents report military pay earned while in Pennsylvania or earned when not on active duty status as taxable compensation on Line 1a. Active duty military pay is not taxable for Pennsylvania purposes if earned by a PA resident serving on full-time active duty (or federal active duty for training) outside the state. In addition, Act 182 of 2006 expanded the definition of active duty military income to include income from the U.S. government or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for active state duty for emergency within or outside the Commonwealth. This addition includes duty ordered pursuant to 35 PA.C.S. Ch. 76 (relating to the Emergency Management Assistance Compact). However, other income is still taxable. Please see the information for Combat Zone and Hazardous Duty Service on this page. Do not include qualifying active duty military pay earned outside of PA in taxable compensation. Submit legible copies of your Form(s) W-2, and your military orders assigning you to federal active duty outside Pennsylvania. While your Form W-2 may state active duty, it does not show where you performed your military service. Military personnel stationed abroad should use their APO or FPO addresses. For more information, request the brochure Military Pay for Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax Purposes found online.

CAUTION: PA residents serving in the Merchant Marines, U.S. Public Health Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or the U. S. Foreign Service are subject to tax on compensation whether earned within or outside Pennsylvania. However, compensation earned by PA residents serving in the Merchant Marines or U.S. Public Health Service called to active duty in a Combat Zone or hazardous duty zone is not subject to tax in Pennsylvania. Copies of executive orders that make the active duty military active duty are required to be included with the return.

Military Spouses Residency Relief Act

The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act (MSRRA) affects the treatment of residency and income for spouses of military personnel for state tax purposes for tax years 2009 and after. If a Pennsylvania resident service member is serving outside Pennsylvania and their nonmilitary spouse earns income in that other state – and the spouse claims relief under the MSRRA – the spouse’s income is only taxable to Pennsylvania. If a Pennsylvania nonresident service member is serving in Pennsylvania and their nonmilitary spouse earns income in Pennsylvania, the spouse’s income is not taxable to Pennsylvania under MSRRA, when the service member and spouse are both residents or domiciliaries of the same other state, and if the spouse is in Pennsylvania solely to be with the service member. PA source income, from a business, profession, farm, rental or royalty property, related to a business or property located in Pennsylvania remains taxable to PA nonresident military personnel and their spouses and is not covered by the MSRRA. For detailed information on how MSRRA impacts state taxation of income earned by a service member’s nonmilitary spouse, please review Tax Bulletin 2012-01 on the department’s website,

Combat Zone and Hazardous Duty Service

Pennsylvanians serving in combat zones or qualified hazardous duty areas designated by the President of the U.S. are given the same additional time to file and pay their PA income tax returns and make payments as allowed for federal income tax purposes. The deadline is automatically extended to 180 days from the last day of service or the last day of continuous hospitalization for injury incurred in one of these areas. Print COMBAT ZONE at the top of your return. If you are filing your return electronically, you must still fax or mail copies of your orders. Print COMBAT ZONE at the top of your orders. Fax your orders to (717) 772-4193 or mail your orders to:

Regarding: COMBAT ZONE
PO BOX 280507
HARRISBURG PA 17128-0507