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Category: Questions about Income

Examples of Items to Report as Other Income

* Taxable distributions from a health savings account (HSA) or an Archer MSA. Distributions from these accounts may be taxable if a) you engaged in any transaction prohibited by section 4975 with respect to any of your HSAs b) you used any portion of any of your HSAs as security for a loan at any time in 2013 See Pub. 969 page 9


* Amounts deemed to be income from an HSA because you did not remain an eligible individual during the testing period. See Form 8889, Part III.


* Prizes and awards.


* Gambling winnings, including lotteries, raffles, a lump-sum payment from the sale of a right to receive future lottery payments, etc. For details on gambling losses, see the instructions for Schedule A, line 28, on page A-10.


* Jury duty pay. Alaska Permanent Fund dividends.


* Alternative trade adjustment assistance payments. These payments should be shown in box 5 of Form 1099-G.


* Reimbursements or other amounts received for items deducted in an earlier year, such as medical expenses, real estate taxes, general sales taxes, or home mortgage interest. See Recoveries in Pub. 525 for details on how to figure the amount to report.


* Income from the rental of personal property if you engaged in the rental for profit but were not in the business of renting such property.


* Income from an activity not engaged in for profit. See Pub. 535.


* Loss on certain corrective distributions of excess deferrals. See Retirement Plan Contributions in Pub. 525.


* Dividends on insurance policies if they exceed the total of all net premiums you paid for the contract.


* Recapture of a charitable contribution deduction relating to the contribution of a fractional interest in tangible personal property. See Fractional Interest in Tangible Personal Property in Pub. 526. Interest and an additional 10% tax apply to the amount of the recapture.


* Recapture of a charitable contribution deduction if the charitable organization disposes of the donated property within 3 years of the contribution. See Recapture if no exempt use in Pub. 526.