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Category: General Questions

Pulling Information from the Prior Year Return to the Current Year


Information from a prior year return can be applied to the current tax return when using the Classic and Premium Editions of our program.


You must use the same TaxSlayer account (username) as the year before for the transfer to work properly. Information will carry to the next year's return when using the Classic and Premium Editions of the program. It does not carry to the Free Edition unless you then upgrade to one of the other two versions of our software.


When you log into the account used for your prior year return, you will be prompted to "Start For Free". During the beginning of the entry of your information, you will be given the opportunity to "Pull Data To Current Return". There you will be able to transfer certain prior year information to your current return so that you will not have to re-enter it.

You will have the option to pull forward information such as:


* Dependent(s)

* W-2 Items

* Form 1099-R Items

* Schedule B Items

* Schedule C

* Schedule D

* Schedule E

* Schedule F

* Form 2441 Care Providers

* Bank Account Details (for direct deposit and/or electronic withdrawal purposes)

* State Refund Worksheet Details


*Note: If your prior year return was electronically filed and accepted, TaxSlayer will automatically pull forward your Prior Year PIN and Prior Year Adjusted Gross Income which is used to electronically sign your tax return each year.


**Note: TaxSlayer will not carry over numeric figures such as income and withholdings as this information changes from year to year.


You can also access the "Pull Prior Year Data" information from within the program. To do so, access the My Account screen by clicking on the user's name and selecting My Account from the drop-down menu and then Federal Section from the (navigation bar). Select the "Helpful Tools Section" from the drop-down menu and choose "Pull Prior Year Data".