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Category: Finding Deductions

Examples of 1099-B and 1099-MISC forms

To view examples of these forms you can click on the URL's below.

To view a 1099-B go here: click here
To view a 1099-MISC go here: click here

If you have received either a 1099-B or a 1099-MISC you may have had withholdings from the income. If so, you must report your federal withholdings from box 4 separately to receive credit for these payments. TaxSlayer offers an Other Withholdings section for any of this type of withholding.


Note: Based on your 1099-MISC entries within your TaxSlayer account, we will automatically carry those entries to the necessary areas of your tax return.  For example, if you are reporting a 1099-MISC with income shown in Box 7, TaxSlayer will prompt you to create a Schedule C for that income so that your income is accurately reported to the IRS and also allows you to report any expenses related to the income earned.