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Category: Adjustments

What expenses cannot be deducted as "moving expenses"?

The IRS allows you to deduct several types of Moving Expenses, however, the list below reflect items the IRS DOES NOT allow as a valid Moving Expense deduction:

* Any part of the purchase price of your new home.

* Car tags.

* Driver's license.

* Expenses of buying or selling a home (including closing costs, mortgage fees, and points).

* Expenses of entering into or breaking a lease.

* Home improvements to help sell your home.

* Loss on the sale of your home.

* Losses from disposing of memberships in clubs.

* Mortgage penalties.

* Pre-move house hunting expenses.

* Real estate taxes.

* Refitting of carpet and draperies.

* Return trips to your former residence.

* Security deposits (including any given up due to the move).

* Storage charges except those incurred in transit and for foreign moves.


No double deduction:  You cannot take a moving expense deduction and a business expense deduction for the same expenses. You must decide if your expenses are deductible as moving expenses or as business expenses. For example, expenses you have for travel, meals, and lodging while temporarily working at a place away from your regular place of work may be deductible as business expenses if you are considered away from home on business. Generally, your work at a single location is considered temporary if it is realistically expected to last (and does in fact last) for one year or less.