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Category: 1099's

When would I enter "Other Withholdings" into my TaxSlayer account?

Generally, you would only enter withholdings in the Other Withholdings section of your account if you had withholdings on a form (like a 1099) that you were not able to enter elsewhere in the program.  Generally, you would only report an amount here if you have an amount listed on one of the following forms:

* Form 1099-B - Box 4

* Form 1099-MISC - Box 4


Though there are exceptions and a few other circumstances when you would do this, most taxpayers will not need to enter an amount for Other Withholdings.


TaxSlayer Entry: To report these other withholdings, please log into your TaxSlayer account and select Federal Section >> Payments & Estimates >> Other Federal Withholdings (or Other State Withholdings).