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Category: Finding Deductions

Examples of other deductible expenses

Examples of other Deductible Expenses:

* Archer MSA deduction (see Form 8853).

* Jury duty pay if you gave the pay to your employer because your employer paid your salary while you served on the jury.

* Deductible expenses related to income reported on line 21 from the rental of personal property engaged in for profit.

* Reforestation amortization and expenses (see Publication 535).

* Repayment of supplemental benefits under the Trade Act of 1974 (see Publication 525).

* Contributions to section 501(c)(18)(D) pension plans (see Publication 525).

* Contributions by certain chaplains to section 403(b) plans (see Publication 517).

* Attorney fees and court costs for actions settled or decided after October 22, 2004, involving certain unlawful discrimination claims, but only to the extent of gross income from such actions (see Publication 525).

* Attorney fees and court costs paid by you in connection with an award from the IRS for information you provided after December 19, 2006, that substantially contributed to the detection of tax law violations, up to the amount of the award may be included in your gross income.