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Category: General Questions


When you are first setting up your account, you will encounter a page titled "CONSENT TO USE OF TAX RETURN INFORMATION". This agreement is the same agreement that has been part of the registration process in previous years. Beginning in 2008, the IRS required that it be on its own page.


This consent states that you agree to allow TaxSlayer to use the information that you enter for your tax return to determine if certain products may be of benefit to you. By consenting, products that we will make available to you include:

* Bank Refund Transfers of Direct Deposit for receiving your refund,

* TaxSlayer Books, a new, easy, and affordable bookkeeping software,

* Information about Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and the tax benefits they can offer, and

* Life and health insurance products


To consent to allow TaxSlayer to make these products available, type your name in the field provided and click "Continue". The "CONSENT TO USE OF TAX RETURN INFORMATION" page will be found prior to entering the "Profit or Loss From a Business" (Schedule C) section within the income section of your TaxSlayer account.


NOTE: If you do not consent, we will not be able to offer any of these to you. This means that we will not be able to use your return information to determine if an IRA may help your tax situation.