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Category: Tax Year 2014 and Prior

How can I prepare a prior year return?


In order to prepare your prior year return, please go to the TaxSlayer homepage and log in to your account by clicking on the "Sign In" button located on the right side of the page. From the "My Account" screen, click on the "Prior Yearstab  To access the prior year program, you will select the "Start a New Tax Return" link next to the applicable Tax Year you would like to complete. You will be prompted to pay the tax preparation fees in advance. Once within the program, simply continue through the screens until the return is complete.


*Note: At this time, you can create a prior year 2014, 2015 and/or 2016 tax return with TaxSlayer.


Due to IRS regulations, prior year returns are required to be printed and mailed.  Follow these easy steps below to print your return.


1. Within the prior year program, please select "Summary/Print" from the navigation bar.  Next, select the "View/Print Return" followed by the "Print Your 20XX Tax Return" icon to print a PDF copy of your return.  This application creates the Federal and any State return(s) within one document.


2. Please make sure to sign and date the Federal Form 1040 and any State return(s) where a signature is required.


3. Make sure to attach any supporting documentation used to prepare the return.  Examples include W-2's, 1099 Forms, etc.  You should mail the entire PDF printout of your return.


4. Mail the returns to the appropriate IRS and/or State Taxing Authorities.  For all mailing addresses for your federal returns, please click here.  Mailing address for state returns will be listed on the printed copies of the returns themselves.