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Category: AGI /PIN Information

Where can I find my Prior Year AGI (Adjusted Gross Income)?

As part of the signature process when filing a return electronically, the IRS requires an identifying piece of information. This could be your prior year's Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) or your prior year's Self-Select PIN number that you created on your prior year return.   The IRS E-filing PIN number (Taxpayer issued IRS PIN) is no longer available on or by toll free phone number.


Don't have a copy of your prior year return? No problem. Click here to obtain a transcript of your prior year return. You will need the AGI amount as reported

on the return.

* If you filed Form 1040, the AGI is on line 37.

* If you filed Form 1040A, the AGI is on line 21.

* If you filed Form 1040EZ, the AGI is on line 4.


*Note: For most Married Filing Joint filers who filed a joint return last year, your prior year AGI will be the same for both taxpayers, even if one did not work.


If you did not file a federal tax return last year or filed after October 15th: Select 'No' when asked if you filed a return last year. The program will automatically enter '0' for your Prior Year AGI amount as the IRS does not have an amount listed in their database.


If you are under 16 years of age and filing for the first time, you will be required to print, sign, and mail the return to the IRS. IRS mailing address can be found here listed by your state and form type.