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Category: Signature Method for E-Filing

I didn't file a return last year. What information do I enter to sign my return?

When you file your return electronically the IRS requires that you provide an electronic signature. This can be one of three numbers, either an IRS issued current year e-file signature pin, your prior year AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) or your prior year PIN for verification. The AGI can be found on line 37 of the form 1040, line 21 of the form 1040A and line 4 or the form 1040EZ.

If you did not file in the prior year, you will not be able to obtain an IRS e-file signature PIN and you will not have a prior year PIN to use either. In this case, you must enter an amount in as a "Prior Year AGI". Since you didn't file last year, the IRS does not have a prior year AGI on file for you. Simply enter "0" for your "Prior Year AGI" and leave your "Prior Year PIN" blank.

Note: Within the e-file process, if you select "No" that you did not file a return in the prior year, the TaxSlayer program will automatically populate a "0" for you. You will then have to only create your 5-digit current-year PIN.