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Category: Signature Method for E-Filing

I didn't file a return last year. What information do I enter to sign my return?

When you file your return electronically the IRS requires that you provide an electronic signature. If you filed a return in the previous year, you will need one of two numbers from that return: the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) or the filing PIN. The Adjusted Gross Income can be found on:

* Line 37 of form 1040

* Line 21 of form 1040A

* Line 4 of form 1040EZ

* If you do not have access to the 2014 return, you can Request a Transcript of your return on the IRS website. The transcript will contain the Adjusted Gross Income that can then be entered into the current year return.


If you did not file a return in the previous year, select No indicating you did not file a return for the previous year. This will enter $0 for the prior year AGI amount.


You will also be required to create a current year filing PIN. This is a five digit number, not beginning with a 0, which you will use to file your return next year. If you continue to use the same Username, TaxSlayer will pull the PIN number forward into your return for you.


The IRS may not accept the return even if the correct PIN number or AGI amount has been entered. This signifies that the return must be printed and mailed to the correct agency (state or federal). The IRS filing addresses can be found on the IRS website.