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Category: Personal Information

Seven Reasons to Try e-file

If you have never filed your tax return electronically, you should definitely consider trying it this year. Join the millions of taxpayers who are saving time and money to file their tax returns without the many headaches often associated with filing a paper return.


Here are a few good reasons why more than 80% of taxpayers file electronically:

1. It’s Accurate and Complete: No more human errors because e-file checks for math errors and necessary information. This not only increases the accuracy of your return, but it also reduces the need for correspondence with the IRS to clarify errors or omissions.

2. It's Safe and Secure: Tax preparers and software companies like TaxSlayer who e-file must meet strict guidelines and provide the best in encryption technology. Every software company is tested by the IRS every year prior to the start of tax season. You receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours that the IRS received your tax return. If the IRS and/or state(s) do not accept your return, you will receive notification and can quickly correct any mistakes and resubmit. Note: States generally take 48-72 hours to process a state return.

3. You Will Get Your Refund Faster: An e-filed tax return usually means a faster refund compared to filing a paper return. The IRS issues most refunds within 21 days. If you choose direct deposit, your refund will go directly into the bank account provided by you. According to the IRS, three out of four taxpayers who file receive a tax refund.

4. There are More Payment Options: With e-file, you can file your return early, but wait to pay any balance due by the April deadline. You can also pay electronically using a credit card, electronic funds withdrawal or in some cases the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. For additional ways to process your payment, please Click here

5. It’s Fast: You do not have to make a trip to the post office. In fact, you will not even need to walk to the mailbox to send your return. Simply complete the E-file process when ready to file your return(s).

6. You Will Know the IRS and/or State(s) Received Your Return(s): The IRS and/or state(s) will send you an electronic notification acknowledging receipt of your return. When using TaxSlayer, this notification will be delivered to the e-mail account on record as well as to your TaxSlayer mailbox located inside your account.

7. You Will Have Peace of Mind: After e-filing your return(s) and receiving your notification from the IRS and/or state(s) that they received your return…kick back and relax – you are done!