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Category: Personal Information

Tips for Taxpayers If Your Address Has Changed



You can change your address on file with the IRS in several ways.


Methods to Change Your Address
Tax returnUse your new address on your tax return
IRS formUse Form 8822, Change of Address or Form 8822-B,Change of Address or Responsible Party - Business
Written statement

Send them a signed written statement with your:

  • full name
  • old address
  • new address
  • social security number (or individual taxpayer identification number or employer identification number)

Mail your statement to the address where you filed your last return

Oral notification

You can tell the IRS in person or by telephone. They'll need to verify your identity and address. Please have information they have on file for you, such as:

  • your full name
  • your address
  • your date of birth
  • your social security number (or individual taxpayer identification number or employer identification number)
Electronic notificationYou can only notify them electronically if your refund check was returned to them. Use Where's My Refund? to complete your change of address online. You will need your social security number, filing status, and the amount of your refund.


If you filed a joint return, you should provide the information and signatures for both spouses.


If you filed a joint return and you and your spouse have since separated, each of you should notify the IRS of your new, separate address.


If the change of address relates to an employment tax return, the IRS will issue notices of confirmation (Notices 148A and 148B) for the change to both the former and new address.


It can take four to six weeks for a change of address request to be fully processed.


Be sure to also notify your employer of your new address so you receive your W-2 forms on time.


If you change your address after you have filed your return, do not forget to notify the post office at your old address so your mail can be forwarded.


Taxpayers who make estimated payments throughout the year should mail a completed Form 8822, Change of Address, or write the IRS center where you file your return. You may continue to use your old pre-printed payment vouchers until the IRS sends you new ones with your new address. However, do not correct the address on the old voucher.


**Note: If you prepared Estimated Payment Vouchers using your TaxSlayer account, you can update your address within the Basic Information section and then print your Estimated Payment Voucher's with the updated address.


If you need to update IRS records with your new business address, please fill out Form 8822-B.