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Category: Georgia

Georgia Disabled Person Home Purchase or Retrofit Credit

Georgia provides a disabled person credit equal to the lesser of $500 per residence or the taxpayer's income tax liability for the purchase of a new single-family home that contains all the accessibility features listed below. It also provides a credit equal to the lesser of the cost or $125 to retrofit an existing single-family home with one or more of these features. The disable person must be the taxpayer or the taxpayer's spouse if a joint return is filed.


Qualified Features are:

* One no-step entrance allowing access into the residence.

* Interior passage doors providing at least a 32-inch-wide opening.

* Reinforcements in bathroom walls allowing installation of grab bars around the toilet, tub, and shower, where such facilities are provided.

* Light switches and outlets placed in accessible locations.


To qualify for this credit, the disabled person must be permanently disabled and have been issued a permanent parking permit by the Department of Revenue or have been issued a special permanent parking permit by the Department of Revenue.


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