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Category: Georgia

Georgia National Guard/Air National Guard Credit

Georgia provides a tax credit for Georgia residents who are members of the National Guard or Air National Guard and are on active duty full time in the United States Armed Forces, or active duty training in the United States Armed Forces for a period of more than 90 consecutive days.


The credit shall be claimed and allowed in the year in which the majority of such days are served. In the event an equal number of consecutive days are served in two calendar years, then the exclusion shall be claimed and allowed in the year in which the ninetieth day occurs. The credit shall apply with respect to each taxable year in which such member serves for such qualifying period of time.


The credit cannot exceed the amount expended for qualified life insurance premiums nor the taxpayer's income tax liability. Qualified life insurance premiums are the premiums paid for insurance coverage through the service member's Group Life Insurance Program administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Any unused tax credit is allowed to be carried forward to the taxpayer's succeeding year's tax liability.