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Category: California

California Additions to Income

Federal NOL
Enter the amount of Federal NOL (Net Operating Loss) included on your Federal Return (Form 1040, line 21) as Addition to Income.


Please click here for form FTB 3805V to calculate allowable California NOL and enter as Subtraction from Income. Enter the amount of Federal Foreign Earned Income or housing exclusion included on your Federal Return as Addition to Income.


Original Issue Discount (OID) for debt instruments issued in 1985 and 1986
In the year of sale or other disposition, you must recognize the difference between the amount reported on your federal return and amount reported for California purpose.


OID Holders: Enter the difference between the amount included in Federal Gross Income and the amount included for California purposes as Addition to Income.

OID Issuers: Enter the difference between the federal deductible amount and the California Deductible amount as a Subtraction to Income.


Foreign Income of NonResident Aliens

* Adjust federal income to reflect worldwide income computed under California Law.

* Enter losses from foreign sources as a Subtraction to Income

* Enter foreign source income as Addition to Income


Foreign Income
If you excluded income exempted by U.S. tax treaties on your Federal Form 1040 (unless specifically exempt for state purposes), enter the excluded amount as Addition to Income


Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief
California law does not conform to federal law regarding the discharge of indebtedness from the disposition of your principal residence occurring on or after January 1, 2014. Enter the amount of discharge.


For additional information regarding additions to income, please click here