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Category: Kansas

Kansas Credits

Kansas offers the below Credits should you qualify. Enter the total of all other tax credits for which you are eligible. For additional information pertaining to each credit, please click on each corresponding blue link.


Credit Name and Schedule Required for each credit claimed


Adoption Credit: K-47 (for carry forward use only)


Agritourism Liability Insurance Credit: K-33


Alternative Fuel Credit: K-62 (for carry forward use only)


Angel Investor Credit: K-30


Business and Job Development Credit: K-34 (for carry forward use only)

Child Day Care Assistance Credit(employers only): K-56


Community Service Contribution Credit: K-60

Declared Disaster Capital Investment Credit: K-87 (for carry forward use only)

Disabled Access Credit: K-37 (for carry forward use only)

Electric Cogeneration Facility Credit: K-83 (for carry forward use only)

High Performance Incentive Program Credit: K-59


Historic Preservation Credit: K-35


Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship Credit: K-31


Plugging an Abandoned Gas or Oil Well Credit: K-39 (for carry forward use only)


Regional Foundation Contribution Credit: K-32


Research & Development Credit: K-53


Single City Port Authority: K-76


Small Employer Healthcare Credit: K-57


Storage and Blending Equipment Credit: K-82


Swine Facility Improvement Credit: K-38


Telecommunications Property/Income Tax Credit: K-36


Venture and Local Seed Capital Credit: K-55 (for carry forward use only)

**These schedules are not necessarily supported within the TaxSlayer program. For more information on these schedules, please click here.