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Category: Idaho

What credits are available to me on my Idaho return?

Listed below are the credits that are available to you on your Idaho return:

Grocery Credit ($100 per exemption)


Educational Contribution Credit (limited to the smallest of one-half donated; 50% of tax on line 21 of form 40; and $500/$1000 MFJ)


Contributions to Youth and Rehabilitation (limited to the smallest of 50% donated; 20% of tax on line 21, form 40; $100/$200 MFJ)


Live Organ Donation Expenses (limited to the amount of live donor expenses paid or $5,000)


Maintaining a Home for Aged or Disabled Family Member (up to $100)


Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State

If Idaho and another state tax the same income, you may be eligible to claim a credit for taxes paid to the other state. Income that may be taxes by another state as well as Idaho is wages or income from a business or profession.


Claim of Right Credit

If you claims a deduction or credit for claim of right on your federal return, complete Idaho Worksheet CR to determine which option benefits you most on your Idaho return. 


For additional information on these credits, please click here.