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Category: General Questions

Will my state return be sent with my federal return?

When you are creating your federal return you also have an option to create a state return. When you choose your state from the list of state returns available, you will also be able to choose what residency status applies to your tax situation. The three residency statuses are: Resident, Non-Resident, and Part-Year Resident. Please note that some states do not have all three statuses as options.


After choosing your residency status, you will be able to go through the state menu to add information specific to your state(s) tax return. Some states have extensive options in the state menu while others do not need much information other than what you have already entered for the federal return.

Your state return is not created simply because you enter information into the Income screen from your 1040 Form. You still have to go through the steps above to create the state return. Once you have completed those steps you can then file the return.


When you e-file your federal return, your state return(s) will be sent with the federal return if you have properly filled out the information necessary for the state return(s) and you elect to e-file it as part of the submission. Please start the e-file process from the “Main Menu” by clicking on the option “E-File”. Make sure that the box next to the federal and state return(s) are checked if you want to send the federal and state return(s). You may then continue the e-file process to submit your return.


For more information on submitting only a state return please see the following help center article, “How do I file a state return without a federal return?”.