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Category: Nebraska

Nebraska Additions to Income

Interest Income from all State and Local Obligations Exempt from Federal Tax

List the type of interest income from a state or local obligation exempt from federal tax. The total amount on line 1, Schedule I must be equal to the amount reported on line 8b of Federal Form 1040 or Form 1040A. This includes state and local bond (municipal bonds) income from all states. Although this income is exempt from federal tax, it is taxable income in Nebraska. Expenses related to this income that have not been previously deducted can be deducted from line 1 only if you itemized deductions on your federal return. Interest income from a regulated investment company (including certain mutual funds) attributable to state and local obligations must also be included on line 1b.


Exempt Interest Income from Nebraska Sources

List the federally tax exempt bond issued by a Nebraska state or local government subdivision and associated amount. Income from regulated investment companies attributable to Nebraska source bonds may be included.


Build America Bonds. Any federally taxable interest received in 2016 on a Build America Bond previously issued by a Nebraska governmental subdivision may be deducted on line 28, Schedule I, Interest From Federally Taxable Build America Bonds Issued by Nebraska Governmental Units.


Financial Institution Tax of a Shareholder

Only shareholders receiving a Statement of Nebraska Financial Institution Tax Credit, Form NFC, from a qualified Nebraska financial institution may claim this deduction. Enter the amount of the tax credit available to you as stated on the 2016 Form NFC. The same amount must be entered on both line 25, Form 1040N and line 4, Schedule I. A copy of Form NFC must be attached to your return.


College Savings Plan Recapture

If you cancel your Nebraska College Savings Plan account or withdraw funds for a non-qualified purpose, the amounts previously claimed as a deduction is subject to recapture. A qualified rollover to a section 529 plan sponsored by a state (or entity) other than Nebraska is considered to be a cancellation subject to recapture. The total maximum amount of recapture is the lesser of the amount previously deducted on all Nebraska returns prior to the cancellation of the college savings plan account or the amount received upon the cancellation or non-qualified withdrawal of funds. Enter the calculated recapture amount.


Long-Term Care Savings Plan Recapture

If you close a Nebraska Long Term Care Savings Plan for any reason other than the death of the participant or make any unqualified withdrawal, the amounts previously claimed as deductions are subject to recapture. Enter the recapture amount calculated on unqualified withdrawals. There is a 10% penalty for unqualified withdrawals. The amount of penalty will reduce your refund or increase your balance. The Department will bill you for this penalty, or your may pay the penalty with your return.


Other Adjustments Increasing Federal AGI - Report any adjustments increasing federal AGI including, but not limited to:

1. Federal net operating loss deduction- Enter the amount deducted as a federal net operating loss carryforward from your federal AGI. You must include this loss as an increase to AGI. A previously established Nebraska net operating loss may be deducted on line 25, Schedule I (Adjustments to Income).

2. S Corporation and Limited Liability Company (LLC) Non-Nebraska loss - Enter the amount of loss from an S corporation or LLC that is not from Nebraska sources. You must include this loss as an increase to AGI.