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Category: General Questions

Supported Platforms and Browsers

[AFFLIATE#]  now works across all device platforms and even on iOS and Android devices.  TaxSlayer supports most Windows PC based operating systems (Ex: Windows Vista, 7, 8, etc.), Macintosh based operating systems (Ex: Leopard, Snow Leopard etc.), and Linux based operating systems (Ex: Ubuntu, ect.) along with all major web browsers including:


* Internet Explorer versions 10.0 or higher,

* Google Chrome 39 or higher,

* Mozilla Firefox versions 33 or higher,

* Apple Safari, Opera, and more....



If you are having trouble with your web browser while in your TaxSlayer account, make sure you use the latest version of the specific browser you are currently using.   You may also click here to check your browser compatibility by scrolling to bottom of page and select check compatibility. Below are links to download the latest version of some of the more prominent web browsers available.


Internet Explorer