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Category: Wisconsin

Wisconsin Schedule I

If the computation of your federal adjusted gross income or itemized deductions reflects any of the differences in Wisconsin and federal law for 2014, you must complete this schedule with your state return. To the extent Schedule I adjustments in a prior year affect income or expense items in 2014 (for example, the special 50% depreciation allowance was not allowed to be claimed on property placed in service after December 31, 2009), you must also make adjustments on Schedule I for 2014. It also may be necessary to prepare a 2014 Schedule I to adjust the amount of gain or loss reportable from sales of certain assets during 2013.

For a complete list adjustments between the Federal and Wisconsin laws, please click here.

You may also be required to complete Schedule I if you sold assets during 2014, and the gain or loss from the sale is different for Wisconsin and federal purposes due to Schedule I adjustments made in a prior year. This would occur, for example, if different rates of depreciation were allowed for Wisconsin and federal purposes.

Please refer to the Schedule 1 instructions for additional information.