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Category: Credits

How to Amend your return to claim the First-time Homebuyer’s Credit

To amend your return for the First-Time Homebuyers Credit, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account and access your 2011 return by selecting the “Prior Year” tab and then “Access Return” next to the 2011 tax year. You will then select “Edit Return

2. From the Main Menu, select Deductions >> Credits >> First-time Homebuyers Credit.

3. You will complete the Information requested to fill in Form 5405. You will then select Continue to save the information.

4. Continue back to the Main Menu >> “File An Amended Return” located on the navigation bar.

5. You will need to verify that you would like to file an Amended Return and pay the amended return fee ($41.99).

6. From the Amended Return Menu, you can review the Original Federal Return Information. If you paid a balance due on your original return, you will need to enter this information; otherwise, the original information is already filled in for you.

7. Select "Explain Changes" to state why you are filing an amended return.

8. Select "Create the Amended PDF" to print your amended return. Select the red “click here” link to the IRS website for the address in which you need to mail your amended return prior to completing the PDF creation.

9. Print, sign and date the Amended Return and mail with Form 5405 and a copy of your HUD statement or one of the other approved supporting documents to the IRS.  Please allow 11 - 14 weeks for the IRS to “check in” your amended return and an additional 2 – 4 weeks to receive your refund check by mail. The IRS does not currently direct deposit amended returns.


Currently, we only support the 2013 Prior Year program to edit your returns. If you are attempting to amend your 2011 or 2012 returns for the First-Time Homebuyers Credit, you will need to request these forms from the IRS at and mail in your return.


Only certain individuals qualify for this credit.


For all information and to see if you qualify for the First Time Homebuyers Credit, please visit

Publication 530, Tax Information for Homeowners
Publication 523, Selling Your Home
Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax