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Category: What if I Owe?

How do I print the state voucher if the state return has not been accepted?

The tax liability due the IRS and/or state(s) are due on tax day. If you have a balance due for the Federal return, you can choose to have the amount electronically withdrawn from your account.


At this time, we do not support an electronic withdrawal for every state balance due. You may still be required to print the payment voucher for your state return and mail it to the state with your payment. You can print the accepted state return by selecting "Click Here for Detailed View" and then View/Print return from the Return History page and the payment voucher is located at the end of the PDF.


If your state return has not yet been accepted, you can print the return from within the tax program. Please select "Summary/Print" located in the  navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Please select "View/print return" to view, print and save a PDF copy of your return. This application creates the Federal and State returns in one document. The payment voucher is located at the end of the state return.

NOTE: Some states are now accepting the payment due amount via an electronic payment directly to the state. To access the link to your state site to find out if they now provide this service you can review this Knowledgebase Article.