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Category: Form Finder Tab

How do I find the FORM I need?

Our Search Bar located at the top left hand side of the screen within each TaxSlayer account is an especially helpful tool to allow you to quickly search our entire program for the forms we support. You can find a form by entering its' number (ex. Form 8863 is entered as 8863) or by typing in a specific word or words which identify the form (such as Tuition Fees). Simply click where it states 'Enter Form # or Question', type in the form number or name, and then click the best match from the results displayed. You can also scroll through the list to view the forms available.

Our support staff is also available for any questions that you may have. To contact our support staff, click the "Contact Us" tab within your TaxSlayer account or click "Contact Us" at the top of this article within the Knowledge Base.