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Using our Knowledgebase Search Tool

Our Knowledgebase Search Tool allows you to quickly search our Knowledgebase for articles related to the topic you need assistance with. Click on the search bar that reads "Enter Form # or Question" and type in your subject (such as "Deductions"), and then click the Magnifying Glass button or press "Enter" on your keyboard. The program will search our Knowledgebase and supply you with a list of articles that address the topic you need information on.


The Knowledgebase Search Tool within your TaxSlayer account also acts as a "Form Finder". If you are unsure of where to enter a particular form within your account, simply enter the form number within the search tool and click on the applicable suggestion. You will be taken directly to the necessary entry screen. For example, if you need to enter a Form W-2, simply enter "W-2" within the Knowledgebase Search Tool and a drop down box will display with possible suggestions for you. Click on the necessary form and you will be taken directly to the W-2 entry screen.


You can also access our Knowledgebase by using the HELP tiles. The HELP tiles are located throughout your TaxSlayer account. They can be found on the right hand side of the screen once you reach the "Basic Information" section of the program just under the Refund Generator.