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Virginia Subtractions from Income
New York Other Additions
Oklahoma Subtractions from Income Schedule 511-A
Louisiana Refundable Credits
New York Subtractions from Income
Minnesota Filing Requirements and Residency Status
Massachusetts Subtractions From Income
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What is a "Qualifying Child"?
Which boxes should I check when entering my dependent's information?
If you owed on your return this year, consider making Estimated Payments to the IRS in the upcoming tax year.
Where do I mail my Kansas payment voucher?
Who must pay estimated taxes?
New Mexico Other Withholdings
How do I print a payment voucher to mail it in?
Everything You Need to Know About Making Federal Tax Payments
How do I print the state voucher if the state return has not been accepted?
How do I make a payment with my extension?
Completing Form 4868 - Application for Automatic Extension
I received alimony payments. When do I have to claim this on my return?
Description of Additional Taxes that You May Have Paid
What are Estimated Taxes?
How do I pay my amount due?
Where do I mail my OH payment due
What happens if I enter incorrect banking information?