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Child Tax Credit
Why isn't my credit for dependent care expenses showing up?
What is a "Qualifying Child"?
How do I claim the Additional Child Tax Credit?
California Tax Computation for Certain Children with Investment Income
New Mexico Subtractions from Income
It's Not Calculating Correctly
North Carolina Credits
Se’ Habla Español? – Tax Information Available in Spanish
Same-Sex Couples Federal Filing Information
Married Filing Separately
Examples of Credits
Life events that may have a significant tax impact
Forms and Schedules
How do I figure my EIC or Earned Income Credit?
MN M1CD, Child and Dependent Care Credit
Minnesota Child and Dependent Care Credit
Form 8332 - Claiming a dependent who did not live with you
Can I claim credit if I paid child care expenses for someone who is not my dependent?
Montana Subtractions from Income
Children of divorced or separated parents
Maine Credits
Arkansas Early Childhood Program
Please explain all of the credits that are available related to me and my family.
Child and Dependent Care Credit Qualifications