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Category: Idaho

Idaho Credits


If you donated cash or goods to qualified educational entities, you may claim a tax credit. Donation of goods or services do not qualify. The credit is limited to the smallest of:

* one-half of the amount donated,

* 50% of the tax on Form 40 ,line 21,

* $500 ($1,000 on a joint return),

* the tax on Form 40,  less the amount on Form 40 Line 22.


A qualified educational entity includes:

* a nonprofit corporation, fund, foundation, research park, trust, or association organized and operated exclusively for the benefit of Idaho colleges and universities

* a nonprofit, private or public Idaho school (elementary, secondary or higher education) or its foundation

* Idaho education public broadcast system foundations

* the Idaho State Historical Society or its foundation

* an Idaho public library or its foundation

* an Idaho library district or its foundation

* an Idaho public or private nonprofit museum

* the Idaho Commission for Libraries

* Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs

* Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired

* Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities

* Idaho State Independent Living Council

* Idaho Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing



If you donated cash or goods to a qualified center for independent living, to a youth or rehabilitation facility or its foundation, or to a nonprofit substance abuse center licensed by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, you may claim a tax credit. The credit is limited to the smallest of:

* one-half of the amount donated,

* 20% of the tax on form 40, line 21,

* $100 ($200 on a joint return),

* the tax on Form 40 line 21 less the amounts on lines 22.


The qualified youth or rehabilitation facilities and their foundations are:

* Anchor House, Coeur d’Alene

* The Arc, Inc., Boise

* The Children's Home Society of Idaho, Inc., Boise

* Children's Village, Inc., Coeur d’Alene

* Dawn Enterprises, Inc., Blackfoot

* Development Workshop, Inc., Idaho Falls

* Gem Youth Services, Inc., Emmett

* High Reachers, Inc., Mountain Home

* Hope House, Inc., Nampa

* Idaho Drug Free Youth, Inc., Coeur d’Alene

* Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital, Inc., Boise

* Idaho Youth Ranch

* Kinderhaven, Sandpoint

* Learning Lab, Inc., Boise

* Magic Valley Rehabilitation Services, Inc., Twin Falls

* New Day Products, Inc., Pocatello

* Northwest (North Idaho) Children’s Home, Inc.

* Opportunities Unlimited, Inc., Lewiston

* Panhandle Special Needs, Inc., Sandpoint

* Project P.A.T.C.H., Planned Assistance for Troubled Children

* Project Safe Place

* Shepherd's Home, Inc., McCall

* Transitional Employment Services for the Handicapped, Coeur d’Alene

* Walker Center, Gooding

* Western Idaho Training Co., Inc., Caldwell

*Women's and Children's Alliance

*Winchester Occupational Workshop, Winchester


The following are the qualified centers for independent living:

* Disability Action Center Northwest, Moscow and Coeur d'Alene

* Living Independence Network Corporation, Boise and Twin Falls

* Living Independently For Everyone, Inc., Blackfoot, Idaho Falls and Pocatello



A living taxpayer who donates a qualified organ for transplanting in another individual may be able to claim a credit up to $5,000 for expenses related to the donation.


In order to claim the credit, one or more of the following organs must be donated:

* Human bone marrow

Any part of:

* an intestine

* a kidney

* a liver

* a lung

* a pancreas


Qualified expenses are those incurred by the taxpayer or dependent for travel, lodging or lost wages and are not reimbursed to the taxpayer by any person. The expenses must be directly related to the live organ donation by the taxpayer or a dependent of the taxpayer. Any unused credit may be carried over five years.


Maintaining a Home For Aged/Disabled Family Member

If you did not claim the $1,000 deduction as a Subtraction from Income on your Idaho return, you may claim a $100 credit for maintaining a home for an immediate family member age 65 or over not including yourself or your spouse, or a family member with a developmental disability, including yourself and your spouse.


If the home was maintained for the family member less than a full year, the credit is allowed at the rate of $8.33 for each month the home was maintained. Only residents, including Idaho residents on active military duty outside Idaho, may claim this credit.


Credit for Income Tax Paid to Other States

When the same income is taxed by both Idaho and another state, you may be entitled to a credit for tax paid to the other state. Exampled of income that may be taxed by both Idaho and another state include:

* Wages earned in another state that has an income tax, such as Oregon or Utah, while living in Idaho.

* Income from a business or profession earned in another state that has an income tax, while a resident of Idaho.


Note: TaxSlayer will automatically calculate this credit for you when you have a Resident Idaho return and a Nonresident return for the other state. Part-Year Resident returns must be figured manually and entered into the state program.