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Category: State Tax Questions

I forgot to efile my state return with my federal return. What can I do?

From your TaxSlayer account, select State Section. Create your state income tax return and select E-file once the state return is complete. Make sure the box is checked next to your state name. (If you have more than one state to file, make sure the appropriate boxes are marked for each state you want to send.) Proceed through the e-file process to successfully submit your state return(s). Typically, states respond with acknowledgements within 2-5 days regarding the status of your state(s) return.


At this time, we offer ‘state only’ filings to customers who have already filed a current year accepted federal return with us. If you have not filed a federal return with us but wish to, please go back and check the federal return box at the beginning of the e-file process.


If you have already filed a federal return elsewhere, it is recommended that you file your state returns with that provider as well. You may also go to the state website for assistance.


How do I file a state return without a federal return?