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Category: How do I know my return was successfully E-filed?

What happens to my return once I e-File?

As a user, you prepare your return and then go through the E-File process. At this time, you select to send a Federal-only, or Federal and State Combined return. 


In most cases, the return is sent to the IRS first, even if it is a State-only return. The IRS will validate the first four digits of the Last Name with the Social Security Number (SSN) linked to that name. Once validated, the IRS processes the Federal return and issues an acknowledgement (ACK). An acknowledgement can either be an “acceptance” or “rejection” of the return. The taxpayer then receives an email stating the status of the return - accepted or rejected.


If the Federal return is accepted (or in the case of a State-only return the last name and SSN is validated), the IRS sends the state return to the proper state for processing. When the state sends the ACK, we e-mail the taxpayer whether the return has been accepted or rejected.


IMPORTANT: If the Federal return is rejected then the IRS does NOT forward the state return for processing. The taxpayer must resubmit the State return along with the Federal return after making corrections to the account.


TaxSlayer does NOT accept or reject returns. Only the IRS and States do so. We simply send out the notification e-mail based on the type of acknowledgement that is returned.