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Category: Preguntas Generales

Generally, banking information will be asked of a customer during the e-file process of their current tax return if they wish to receive their Federal and/or state refund via Direct Deposit.  However, TaxSlayer has the ability for customers to add their banking information within their prior year return as well.

At this time, the IRS and state(s) do not allow prior year returns to be electronically filed.  You will, however, be able to receive your prior year refund via Direct Deposit by following the instructions below. Note: The IRS and state(s) require that prior year returns be printed and mailed.

When you are logged into your TaxSlayer account, select the "Prior Years" tab located on the Welcome Back/My Account screen.  Next, select "Access Return" for the prior year return (only valid for the year prior to the current tax year) followed by "Edit Return" ($4.95 prior year access fee may apply).  From the main menu of your prior year return, select "Federal Section" located on the black navigation bar at the top of the screen.  On the sub-navigation bar click on "Payments & Estimates".  The last tab will read as "Direct Deposit Information".  This is the area of your prior year return to provide your banking information to receive your prior year refund via Direct Deposit.  The banking information that you provide will populate on the PDF document upon printing.

For assistance on where to mail your prior year return, please refer to the following links:

Federal Return - click here

State Return - click here

IMPORTANT: Be sure to sign both Federal and State(s) (if applicable) returns after printing to avoid delays in processing.