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Category: Inprimir desde su cuenta

How do I print my Form 4868 Application for Extension?

After you have e-filed your Application for Extension form 4868 and you want to print your filed extension, log in to your account and from the "Your Account" screen click continue 2014 return.

Then proceed to the summary/print  tab and select view/print return.  If you have not already paid your Federal filing fees the system will prompt you for a credit card or debit card payment. 

Once the payment has been entered you may proceed to print, view or save your documents to your hard drive.

The form 4868, Application for Extension will be added to your group of tax documents and will be included in the e-filed information when you e-file the rest of the tax returns using the same username and tax year.

To learn more on the form 4868 and how to file for the extension click here.