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Category: Wisconsin

Wisconsin Addition or Subtraction From Income - Tax-Option (S) Corporation Adjustments

Refer to the following Tax-Option (S) Corporation adjustments as they apply to you. If the adjustment is an addition to income for Wisconsin, enter it in the Additions to Income Section.  If it is a subtraction, enter it in the Subtractions from Income Section.

  1. If you were a shareholder of a tax-option (S) Corporation which is required to file a Wisconsin franchise or income tax return, you will receive a Wisconsin Schedule 5K-1 from teh S Corporation informing you of any adjustments to be made for Wisconsin tax purposes. 
  2. If you are a shareholder of a federal S Corporation that elects not to be treated as a Wisconsin tax-option (S) corporation, you must reverall all items of S corporation income, loss or deduction included on your federal reutrn and then add your pro rata share of any distributions made by the corporation of earning and profits.  (CAUTION Do NOT reverse any item of S corporation income or loss reported on federal Schedule D. These items have already been removed from Wisconsin income when you completed Wisconsin Schedule WD)
  3. Instead of using tax-option (S) corporation items deductible on federal Schedule A to compute theWisconsin itemized deduction credit, you may elect to treat these items as subtraction modifications.  Your subtraction is limited to the amount actually deductible for federal purposes.