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Category: Printing from within your account

My return is printing without the numbers on it. What do I do?

This generally happens if you accidentally try to print the calculations page rather than the PDF of your actual tax forms. To print the tax forms if you have e-filed but not received a notification of acceptance:


Log in to your account and click "Summary/Print" on the left side of the screen.

* Click the "View/Print Return" icon on the right hand side of the screen. This will generate a PDF copy of your tax forms in a new window. Click Print your 20## tax Return and the PDF will open on the screen.

Click on the printer icon to print a copy of your return as prepared. If you do not show a printer icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen, hover your mouse near the bottom and a navigation bar will appear and you can print it from here.


To print your return(s) after they have been accepted:


Please log back into your account and select "Click Here For Detailed View" on the Your Account page.

You will select the "Print/View Return" icon to see a list of the available accepted PDF(s) in your account.

Please "Continue" through this page to produce the available PDF(s).

If you have more than one PDF available, you can switch the "VIEW" by selecting the desired federal or state PDF in the upper left corner (using the arrow in the drop down box) and select "VIEW".


Troubleshooting: If you are having difficulties getting your return to print, click here.