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Category: Preguntas Generales

Once I finish preparing my return, how long will I have to print it?

Once you prepare your return, you will be able to print your return until October 15th of the current filing year.  This is the last day that the IRS and state agencies allow for returns to be filed electronically.  

After October 15th, the current tax return will be archived within the "Prior Year" tab located on your TaxSlayer "My Account" screen.  This is due to the release of the new TaxSlayer program for the upcoming tax season.

To print your returns after they have been accepted for the current tax year, log in to your account and click on the printer icon located to the right of return status durectly on your My Account screen.  The PDF of your accepted return will then display in a new window.  From this screen, you will have the option to view, print, or save your return.

To print the full copy of your return as it is currently prepared within your account, select the "Summary" tab after logging into your TaxSlayer account.  Next, click on "Print" to view the PDF of your return as it has currently been prepared.  This will generate the Federal and any state returns in one document.