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Category: Prior Year Returns

I filed a return in a previous year. Why is it not included in the list of Prior Year Returns?

When you login to your account, there is a light grey "Prior Year" tab on the Your Account page that shows all of the Prior Year accepted returns that have been filed through TaxSlayer. If are looking for a particular return and it is not in the list, this means that the return you are looking for was not filed through that account.


If you do not see the return you are looking for, this means either:


You filed that return (the year that you are looking for) through a different TaxSlayer account (different username). If you are unsure of what the username might be, click here.


You did not file that return (the year that you are looking for) through TaxSlayer. It is possible that you may have filed through another service. Also, in many instances, users begin preparing returns but never complete the e-file process. TaxSlayer will only retain copies of returns for future reference if the return was filed and accepted through an account. If you never completed the filing process, TaxSlayer would not have retained a copy of the return for future viewing.


TaxSlayer only retains tax returns that were electronically filed and accepted for the three (3) previous tax years. For the 2016 tax season, your 2013, 2014, and 2015 tax returns will be available for printing if they were electronically filed and accepted.


If you do not see the return that you are looking for, it will not be available for viewing in that account. If you filed through another account, you must login to that account (the one that it was filed through) in order to access it. If you created a return but never electronically filed, it has been removed from the system and will not be available for viewing.