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Category: General Questions

I only need to file my FEDERAL return. How do I file just my Federal return without filing my State return?

If you want to file just a federal return, and not file a state return(s), you need to make sure that your state return(s) are not "checked" for electronic filing at the time of filing your return. From the My Account screen of your TaxSlayer account, click on the "E-file" tab located on the navigation bar.  All returns that have been created within your account (both federal and any state) will be "checked" for electronic submission.  Simply click on the check box next to each state return to "uncheck" each state return you do not wish to electronically file at this time.  Continue through the e-file process until you have received confirmation that your return has been submitted.


If you have already started the e-file process, simply click Cancel and return to the Main Menu or you can restart the e-file process.