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Category: E-filing Questions

I can't find my AGI. What should I do?

If you filed a return for the previous tax year that was accepted by the IRS, prior to their mid-October Extension Deadline (October 15th), then you should have a return "on file" with the IRS. If you do not have access to your prior year AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) but need that information, you have a few options:

1. If you filed with our program and the return was accepted you can access the prior year account for that information. 

2. You can contact the IRS Help Desk at 1-800-829-1040 or order a free tax transcript.


Note: If you use the same account from year to year and your prior year return was electronically filed and accepted, our program will automatically populate your prior year AGI for you within the e-file process.