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Category: Federal

I filed an amended return (Form 1040-X) last year. When e-filing do I use the AGI from the original return or the AGI from the amended return as my e-file signature?

When e-filing your return for the current year, use the AGI from the prior year's originally filed return.


During the e-file process the IRS matches their files against what prior year AGI they have on file for your SSN (social security number) and compare it to the number that you enter for your prior year AGI. The numbers must match exactly or the IRS will reject the electronically filed return.


If you file an amended return, use the original AGI amount from the originally filed and accepted tax return. The return will reject if the amended AGI amount is used. Do not use amounts from an amended return, a corrected amount from a math error notice, or a changed amount from the IRS.