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State Contact Information

If you have questions about state tax laws or about your state return, you may need to contact your state revenue or taxation agency. If you do need to contact your state, below are links to each state's contact information. Most states

Nevada Military Filing Information

This state does not have income tax. If you need general information for tax regulations involving this state please contact the state agency directly.

State Extension Filing Information

To file an extension for a state return you must go through the state website. Filing an extension for your federal return does not automatically extend your state filing deadline. Click on your state name for further information. Reminder

Contact us using the CONTACT US tab in the program

Our "Contact Us" tab provides you with quick access to our Support Center. You can E-mail a member of our Support Team directly from the link found within this tab any time during the year. The contact tab is also where you will be able

Delaware Military Filing Information

Members of Armed Forces: While you are stationed in Delaware, your military and non-military pay is subject to Delaware state income tax as follows: DELAWARE FILING IS REQUIRED BASED ON THIS INFORMATION Delaware Filing Required? Are you

Louisiana Military Filing Information

. The credit for the license is valid only during the time the servicemember is on active duty and does not apply to purchases of lifetime licenses. Please contact LDR for more information concerning this credit. This credit can be found

My Account Page Information

" link located on the right side of the page. Update your account information by clicking on the " Update Profile " link on the right side of the page. This is where you will be able to edit your current mailing address, email address

Arkansas Military Filing Information

in military service, each could be a resident of a different state under the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act. You would need to contact your respective states to determine how to file. Is my military income taxable? For tax year beginning January 1

California Military Filing Information

not change your state of residency if the only reason you are no longer residing there is because of military orders. Nonresidents of California : Nonresident military personnel merely having a duty station within California (whose legal residence

Same-Sex Couples State Filing Information

, all states are now required to allow same-sex couples to file a married filing joint or married filing separate return. Please check with your individual state to determine if your state requires you to file the same on both the state