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What are "royalties" and how are they reported?

"Royalties" can generally be described as payments you receive for the use of your property, that are based in some way on the number of units sold. The two types of royalties most commonly encountered are (1) royalties for the use

What If I Owe Money to the IRS?

obligations, without adding unnecessary burden. Specifically, the IRS has announced new policies and programs to help taxpayers pay back taxes and avoid tax liens. Here are ten tips for taxpayers who owe money to the IRS. Tax bill payments If you

When would I enter "Other Withholdings" into my TaxSlayer account?

an amount for Other Withholdings. TaxSlayer Entry : To report these other withholdings, please log into your TaxSlayer account and select Federal Section >> Payments & Estimates >> Other Federal Withholdings (or Other State Withholdings) .

Are you a Non-Obligated Spouse?

If your spouse owes the state of Missouri any child support payments, back taxes, student loans, etc., and you do not want any portion of your refund used to pay the amounts owed solely by your spouse, select YES to claim yourself as a non

Examples of Items to Report as Other Income

and awards. Gambling winnings, including lotteries, raffles, a lump-sum payment from the sale of a right to receive future lottery payments, etc. For details on gambling losses, see the instructions for Schedule A , line 28, on page A-10

New Jersey Income Subject to Tax

winnings and total losses on a supporting schedule. This procedure may eliminate certain questions in the event the return is selected for audit. Military Pension or Survivor’s Benefit Payments Adjustment If you are receiving a United

California Subtractions from Income

to Income. Enter foreign source income as Addition to Income Cost-share payments received by forest landowners - Enter the cost-share payments received from the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection under the California Forest Improvement

New York Pension Exclusions

for Seniors Citizens and Retired Persons. NY DOR Pub 36 ) You are not able to subtract (1) pension payments or return of contribution that were attributable to your employment by an employer other than a NY public employer

Virginia Subtractions from Income

Income Exclusion Enter the amount of disability income reported as wages (or payments in lieu of wages) on your federal return for Permanent and total disability. On joint returns, each spouse can qualify for the deduction. Individuals can

Form 2210- Underpayment of Estimated Taxes

return must cover all 12 months. In general, you may owe a penalty for the current tax year if the total of your withholdings and timely estimated payments did not equal at least the smaller of the above amounts. Penalties may also apply if you