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What qualified education expenses can I use on my return?

institution. American Opportunity Credit If you qualify for the American Opportunity Credit you may claim the following expenses: * Tuition and Student Activity Fees are included only if the fees are paid to the institution in order

Idaho Donations

Idaho offers Idaho taxpayers the opportunity to make voluntary donations which will either reduce your refund or increase your tax due. Your choice to donate is irrevocable; you can not get a refund of the donation later. If you are filing

Tuition and Fees Deduction

Guide for Aliens. 5. You or anyone else claims an American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning credit in 2016 with respect to expenses of the student for whom the qualified education expenses were paid. The tuition and fees deduction is based

Breast & Cervical Cancer Research

You have the opportunity to contribute to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Research Fund by making a donation of all or a part of your tax refund. Every penny of your donation goes directly to fund breast

Types of Adjustments You May Be Eligible For

tuition and fees as either: 1. an adjustment to income, OR 2. an American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning credit You cannot claim a deduction or credit based on expenses paid with tax-free scholarship, fellowship, grant, or education savings

Oklahoma Military Filing Information

such residence per Rule 710:50-15-2. Provide a copy of your Form DD2058-2 “Native American State Income Tax Withholding Exemption Certificate” along with the information requested in paragraphs “a” and “b”. Military Pay Exclusion Oklahoma residents who

Ohio Subtractions From Income

program with other federal tax benefits for higher-education expenses (such as the federal American Opportunity Tax Credit), the earnings on a distribution from the CollegeAdvantage program that are actually used to pay qualified higher

PA Juvenile Diabetes Cure Research

have the opportunity to help find a cure for this disease by contributing all or a portion of your Pennsylvania tax refund to the Juvenile (Type 1) Diabetes Cure Research Fund.

Nebraska Other Subtractions

compensation can be deducted. Native American Income - Native American Indians residing on a Nebraska Native American Indian Reservation with income derived from sources within the boundaries of the reservation may deduct this income. Claim

Arizona Other Subtractions From Income

return when you claim certain federal tax credits. These federal tax credits are: * The federal work opportunity credit * The empowerment zone employment credit * The credit for employer-paid social security taxes on employee cash tips