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Is there any way I can pay for my e-file without using a credit card?

TaxSlayer requires you to pay for your e-file by debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover); however, we do offer an alternative if you are expecting a refund on your federal return. If you are expecting

Utah Subtractions from Income

When you enter Subtractions from Income these entries are combined and will appear on line 8 of your state return. The entries will be listed individually for you on the accompanying TC-40A, Part II. Native American Income A member

Pulling Information from the Prior Year Return to the Current Year

log into the account used for your prior year return, you will be prompted to "Start For Free". During the beginning of the entry of your information, you will be given the opportunity to "Pull Data To Current Return". There you

Miscellaneous Other Additions

of indebtedness amount reported to you for the current tax year and the amount included on your Federal return if you elected to defer the balance over the next 5 consecutive Federal returns. You will be given the opportunity during those 5 years

Nebraska Subtractions from Income

Nebraska in Box 15. If "NE" is shown on the W-2, the adjustment will not be allowed. Only active duty military service compensation can be deducted. Native American Income - Native American Indians residing on a Nebraska Native American Indian

Oklahoma Donations

. Support of the Oklahoma National Guard You have the opportunity to donate from your tax refund for the benefit of the Oklahoma National Guard and their families. Monies, to assist Oklahoma National Guard members and their families with approved

Pennsylvania Donations

Cancer Coalition's Breast and Cervical Cancer Research Fund You have the opportunity to contribute to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition's Refunds for Breast and Cervical Cancer Research fund by making a donation of all or part of your tax refund

Oregon Subtractions from Income

not subtracted over the next four years. Keep a copy of your account statement with your tax records. For more information, please click here. American Indian Are you an enrolled member of a federally recognized American Indian tribe? You may

Enter Federally Exempt Interest Income from US obligations taxable to Virginia

-American Development Bank Taxable International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Taxable

California Other State Tax Credit

to that state or US possession on income that is also taxed by California may claim the other state tax credit: Alabama Louisiana New Mexico Virginia American Samoa Maine New York (dual residents*) Arkansas Maryland North Carolina Virgin